Summer After Sophomore: My Summer Thus Far

Day Blah Blah Blah

We’ve reached the over halfway point of summer, as back-to-school commercials ring in the new school year, reminding us it’s just around the corner. This is also means, no matter how much I love my family, I have officially counted down the days until I go back to school. Sorry, Mom.

I guess this means I’m mostly back to normal. I had a scare two weeks ago that involved me with some massive, unrelenting abdominal pain, excessive sweating (more than usual, which is a lot for me since I already sweat so much), and mean regurgitation. Yeah, not fun.

My pedatrician (yes, I still go to one), recommended an ambulance so I could get an IV. But, as the paramedics quickly discovered on the way, I have, what is known in the medical profession as, “tiny veins.” Add that to the fact I was extremely dehydrated and well, you can find a needle that logic, but you won’t find one in my veins.

In the emergency room, my family and I endured a five hour wait even though I promptly announced my arrival by retching into the reception area trash can. Once a room was found and after multiple tries from two nurses, a vein was found in my body, I was hooked up (haha literally) to an IV and started to feel better in minutes.

I’ll save you the gory details about contrast liquids, CT scans, and leaving at three am the next day. My diagnosis: gastroenteritis (and I feel as if I spelled that wrong). It basically means ten days’ worth of meds and antibiotics, bed rest, lots of dry toast, broth, jello, and apple sauce. I’m feeling a lot better and the docs think it was an isolated incident. I hope the worst is behind me.

At the very least, it’s an exciting story to tell once I’m back at school because otherwise I didn’t do very much. I baby-sat, got caught up on shows, survived a home without air conditioning, and well…is that it?

Well, no.

I went to the world’s largest aquarium with my family.

My squishy. AM Montgomery 2014

My squishy.

(My mom was mostly interested in having me as her photographer than the fish, but I digress.)

She's become obsessed with selfies this summer. Creeping in the background anyway.

She’s become obsessed with selfies this summer. Creeping in the background anyway.

I tried out a new style for a while.

Braids. I felt like my head was a basketball. AM Montgomery 2014

Braids. I felt like my head was a basketball.

Then took them out.

Why am I always on the floor? AM Montgomery 2014

Why am I always on the floor?

I got proficient in one computing language (one done, so many to go).

Ultimately though, I wish my generation and older ones would chill with this Fear of Missing Out syndrome (FOMO) and realize I completed the biggest goal of a summer vacation: relaxation.

As kids, we play and when we get older, adults tell us to work. Adults, on the other hand, work and work, complaining that they never get a break and their ultimate goal: retirement! To me, it’s all one big trap that I refuse to get caught in. I’ll see you in the fall, but for now, enjoy the sun, the breeze, and no work. Trust me, you’ll have plenty of time to work later, whether you want to or not.



Ashley M.



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