Summer After Sophomore: It’s Almost Over

About Time (2013) Source of Photo

About Time (2013)
Source of Photo

The Spectacular Now (2013) Source of Photo

The Spectacular Now (2013)
Source of Photo

(One of these movies I hated, the other one I loved; can you guess which one?)

Day 86 (Holy cow, that’s a big number)

It’s been a pretty busy, nostalgic week. As tax free weekend ends, I try not to weep too cry hard into my sleeves for two reasons. 1) I’m on a strict budget and can’t afford to ruin any more shirts. 2) I’m serious about the budget. It’s super tight. The only thing I’ve bought “for school” was an oil-free cleanser, but I digress.

Instead, I ended up perusing some old Sparknotes tags for Dan Bergstein’s “Blogging Twilight” (which if you’ve read the books, the blog is still super hilarious today) and I accidentally rediscovered a whole slew of tips from authors who were still starting out when I stopped reading Sparknotes; the topics ranged from clothes in the Fall, making it through finals, decorating your room, packing for short trips (Hey! That one’s by me!), and the ultimate shopping dorm list.

Now that I have finished two years at college, there a couple items on those standard “EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PACK FOR THE DORMS” lists we all obsess over before freshmen year, I shake or nod my head at. Does packing for the school year get easier? Yeah, of course, but there are still some supplies that have been under-appreciated for too long.

  • Zip lock bags/ Tupperware I didn’t actually buy any tupperware until the second semester of my freshmen year but up until then, my numerous zip lock bags were life-savers. I used them for sandwiches when I needed to cram and had to miss dinner; I used them for leftover pizza during all those “first-meeting-of-the-year-we’ll-bribe-you-with-food” club meetings, as well snacks (fruit snacks, craisins, chips) and storage (jewelry, batteries, etc.).
  • Command strips or something similar are fantastic for dorm rooms. For the posters that tape refuses to work with, command strips to the rescue! One of my favorite command products are the hooks, which I use in my closet to 1) hang up my bulky coat (frees up space and lets the snow dry) as well as 2) elevate my book bag. When it’s not on the floor, my room seems less cluttered (or so I convince myself).
  • Crates/Containers Okay, you caught me. I actually don’t have any of these compartments in my room BUT I am working on it. I have learned the adult key to making a room look neat: invisibility. No seriously, invisibility. When there’s tons of little stuff like books, pens, etc. even when neatly spaced on a desk, it can still look messy. So some guy in the 1900s, created crates to store stuff and move it, and then retail stores were like “Boxes are symmetrical. It’s a fact that people love symmetry!” and so they slapped on “funky colors” and “trendy designs,” and convinced us all to buy it. Or something like that. Long story short: Boxes and stuff keep your crap out of your visitor’s face so that they can think you’re more organized than you actually are (which is an important part of adulthood it seems hmm…).

Realizing just how close the semester is getting, I attempted to tackle an item on my Summer To Do List: get caught up on Superfruit videos. If you haven’t heard of it, I suggest you check it out right now. Two vloggers, Scott and Mitch, are best friends, Beyonce’s biggest fans (Who isn’t?) and 2/5 of the mainstream acapella group Pentatonix; they document their lives together, their new cat, music, spelling, and photo challenges (plus, we see glimpses of other vloggers and musicians). If that sentence didn’t hook you, I don’t know what will. Desperate and clingy to the “My life is almost over!” feelings, I ended up binging on almost thirty of their videos. I enjoyed it while it was happening (laughing is a pleasurable activity) but my eyes and exhaustion the next day were almost too much to bear.

(I’ll just leave this here…)

It was worth it.

Movie Tally

The Parent Trap (1998) Classic! Plus, there’s a ton of little known facts. Did you know the camp they went to is real?

The Incredibles (2004) Hands down, the best movie score for kids action (the guy who did the score also did it for the Star Trek movie). *Patiently waits for the sequel*

About Time (2013) (FTS!) This is actually my favorite movie now. It’s completely brilliant with the story, setting, and characters. It’s sooooo good.

Homeless to Harvard (2003) I watch this movie whenever I’m feeling unmotivated. And you may or may not be able to watch it on Youtube…cough cough. (Gifted Hands falls into this category as well)

The Spectacular Now (2013) (FTS!) I read the book before I watched the movie (I’m reviewing both on my other blog), but let me just say I hated both. I’ll go into more detail in my review, but the characters really irked me. The only saving point of the movie is after the 86th minute because that’s when it stops following the book.

(I should note I’ve watched The Incredibles, Monsters University, Now You See Me, and About Time twice this summer)

I’ll be making a separate page of all the movies I’ve watched this summer (and how many times I watched them) by the end of the summer. Until then however, I’ll continue working on my budget, and try to ignore back-to-school commercials for a little while. What’s that? Oh no, I’m fine; I’m not crying. I just have some overpriced college education in my eye.

Song of the Week: Dear No One by Tori Kelly (Officially my favorite love song about being single currently; Sara Bareilles is now number two!)

Also, I’ve been remiss these past couple posts, but don’t forget to check out E.T.’s blog! In this week’s post, she falls victim to peer pressure–but in a good way! (Seriously, her video project is in here and it’s so good! Go watch it!)


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