Journal of a Junior Pt. 2: Mid-term Madness Pt. 2

Remember how I said I was handling midterms with grace? Yeah, not so much anymore. For some reason, all of the assignments and due dates have been snowballing into an uncontrollable avalanche of stress and smudged ink.

(Please don’t ask me why I chose green; red ink just seemed too realistic.)

(AM Montgomery 2015)

Fortunately, mid-terms are almost over (let the Hallelujah chorus begin).

My advice (and some that I’m actually taking myself) is to do what you have to do–even if it entails staying up until three am to (start and) finish a paper, spend a weekend by yourself to study for a poetry test, ditch dinner with friends so you can do research on an art project and eat alone instead. Because a) it’s not so terrifying–spending time alone can actually be less stressful, and b) real friends will understand–they won’t express animosity or annoyance at you puting your schoolwork first (and if they do, it’s time to re-evaluate that relationship–after mid-terms of course. Ain’t nobody got time for that now).

Don’t let the stress overwhelm you. Just countdown to spring break and then we’ll all be fine (fingers crossed anyway).


Ash M. Monty

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