Journal of a Junior Pt. 2: This Year’s All-Nighter

Do you remember the old posts of Monty’s Mayhem? The original “Journal of a Junior” series where I recounted a day’s or week’s worth of events in a single go? In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the smartest move for a sixteen-year-old to outline each day’s events and interactions on the internet, but hey, I’m still kicking so you live and learn. Let’s take a step back, shall we?

But first, an explanation for my absence the past two weeks, the former of which was Spring Break. I usually stay on-campus for Spring Break, doing something productive like shadow a professor (freshmen year) or get extra hours and experience at work (sophomore year), but this year I didn’t stay at school. Instead, I was accepted into a Trek program sponsored by my college. Only twelve students were chosen, and even after applying and interviewing for a position, I’m still a bit incredulous to the fact that I got to go.

During this trek, we spent the entire week in Chicago, visiting alumni and other contacts in advertising, marketing, political science, and journalism fields. It was amazing; so nice to know that as an English major, I have more post-grad options than under-appreciated educator or underpaid writer. Also, the city of Chicago is pretty amazing by itself. Seriously, my Instagram from that week is filled with selfies in front of The Bean, famous artwork, the Chicago Tribune, and the Addy display at the American Girl Headquarters (dream come true!).

The next week was spent adjusting back to my school’s colder climate and shuffling to get back in the flow of work. In laymen’s terms–laundry, House marathons, tons of papers and mandatory outside-of-class meetings and lectures, etc, etc.

This week, so far, has been much of the same.

For the first time this year, I pulled an all-nighter writing a twenty-page (I only reached eighteen) draft  for my Science Writing/ Narrative Non-fiction class, staying up until 5:30am. I woke up around eight to print said paper and other class materials, practice my presentation of a different piece (same class), and get breakfast. I had trouble staying awake until I downed some green tea around lunch. It kicked in around three, and it is only now, almost six hours later, that I’m beginning to wane (I’m trying to finish some homework before the buzz completely wears off).

In addition to homework for class, there are impending deadlines for fellowships, internships, and senior-year proposals; measures for extracurricular activities like postering, emailing, and arranging meetings; Room Draw is coming up, and pretty soon, finals too. It’s a lot to take in but everything has a way of turning out the way it’s supposed to in the end–even if we freak out and panic a lot before it does.


Ash M. Monty

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