Another week, another all-nighter…

I’m completely exhausted and torn between doing the homework that’s due tomorrow night and just going to bed early. #TheRealCollegeLife

This week, in addition to (of course) tons of reading and three essays due, is Pre-registration. Pre-registration is when, with the approval of your academic adviser, you sign up for a full course-load. I’m struggling a bit with mine, but for a good reason.

(Not my pic)

In case you haven’t realized, I’m a second-semester junior. Through hard work and a lot late nights (locked in my room or huddled in the library), I should be done my major requirements by the end of Spring term.

I considered graduating early because my school is incredibly expensive ($64K and rising), but two factors stopped me. One: I have to take my English comprehensive exam in order to be declared an official English major on degree, which is only offered in the fall of senior year. (But what about graduating a semester early?) Two: Although I would be done with my major requirements, my school requires a certain number of credits for a degree, i.e. four every semester for four years. I kid you not. There are no general education requirements here except for a First Year seminar, but this also means they don’t accept credit for AP scores and whatnot (but they still expect applicants to take them so go figure).

So this leads me to my kinda-dilemma-but-not-really of Pre-registration: What courses do I take? I’ve listed an English course. Even though I don’t have to take it, I majored in it for a reason–I think it’s interesting.

I’ve listed a few options at surrounding schools. The courses I’m taking off-campus are a completely different vibe than my host school; I’d just like to not go so far away this time and maybe a less writing intensive course, if my thesis idea is approved. (This is a pretty big “if.”)

I’ve also listed some classes I’ve always been interested in but wasn’t sure how to juggle with my requirements. This is the tricky part. There are some courses I’m really interested in (like Microeconomics, Intro to Programming, Astronomy, etc.) but know I would struggle in them. So do I take them, audit them, or learn them outside of class (in an online program, through videos, books, etc.)?

For juniors, our last day to pre-register is tomorrow so I guess I have the night to sleep on it. In the meantime, I have two essays and an art assignment due tomorrow, and a twenty-page paper due next week to keep my mind occupied. Gotta love the college life (*sarcasm hand*).

Ash M. Monty

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