Journal of a Junior Pt. 2: One Down

20150421_171448Today is such a beautiful day, which is weird because it totally didn’t start off that way.

To be honest, the day started off completely sucky–dreary, rainy forecast, slightly chill temperatures, and with the burden of a botched interview. I think I completely messed up an answer, and I had one of those feelings you get after a test–the one where you definitely know you failed it without a sliver of hope you didn’t or that there will be some hidden bonus points–just without a doubt know you failed. It feels awful.

To make matters worse, because of how preoccupied I’ve been with school, work, applications, and home life (extension, home life after graduation; the idea of which seems to have completely morphed in the past three weeks), my friends have been less than thrilled. I haven’t been going to dinner with them because of various reasons; two of the main ones have been because of overwhelming, constant bombardments of work, and not being able to tell them what’s going in my application process and home life.

That’s why today was so awesome. That class that I had to trek across town for and constantly had to write and re-write twenty pages, then fifteen pages, etc. for? It’s over. My last day was today and I’m so relieved! I turned in my final piece; my professor served brownies and I kid you not, the rain dissipated and the sun began to shine as soon as class ended.

Seriously, look at this:

Before                                                                   After

(Note forced smile, raincoat, and tired eyes)


I’ll miss the class. I was taught by an experienced and articulate journalist; the coursework consisted of the most creative and intellectually challenging assignments I’ve ever experienced; I can now say I’ve written fifteen to twenty pages about ice removal (and made it not boring!) but, even with all that said, I’m glad to be done. Everything must come to an end, right? One class down, three to go.


Ash M. Monty

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