Journal of a Junior Pt. 2: SurPrize

It’s been an interesting two weeks.

I apologize for my absence last week. I was struck suddenly by what was most likely strep throat. For the first time all semester, I actually missed class. It was a bit of a bummer since the last two weeks of class are usually more relaxed than the ones prior, in the humanities majors at least.

Still under the influence of my sickness, I trooped out to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. Don’t worry, you won’t see any spoilers here (just that I thought it was amazing!). In going to see it, I crossed an item off my checklist: see a movie alone.

(Not my pic but such a good movie)

With all the projects and papers and sickness, I’ve been spending more time alone, but I was glad I got to spend a bit of time with my friends today. If you remember the last post, I totally messed up an interview. I didn’t get that job. In fact, out of the 40-55 internships I applied for, I, so far, haven’t gotten any of them. It really sucks, but I didn’t stop applying for stuff until about two days ago.

But good news: On Saturday, before I went to see Avengers, I found out I was one of the winners for an English Prize I applied for. My school’s English department  offers prizes every year. Although I applied for many (Law of Large Numbers, people), the prize I did win reimburses an approved amount of money spent the summer before senior year on a special project. I was surprised since my proposed project involves one of the Captain America movies, but thankful nonetheless.

The prizes are handed out officially by the president of the college and the dean of faculty on or before the last day of classes ( i.e. today) in the Undergraduate College Meeting. You have about thirty awards, about twenty or so students present, and a handful of faculty members in an odd, velvety room called “The Red Room” (the velvet is red). I asked my friends to come along, take pictures for my mom, and despite my weird absences, they agreed.

The English award I won was divided among five other people and presented to me in the middle of the ceremony. I was still excited as the president shook my hand and said congratulations like how she’d done with so many others before me.

Towards the end of the ceremony, the dean of faculty described the Samuel Bowles Prize, as she had done with all of the prizes. You see, prizes at my school aren’t very widely advertised. There are some within most departments, like English, Chemistry, French, etc. but also special ones with no application for athleticism and being at the top of the class with financial need. I recognized most (if not all) of them though because I’m a bit of a nerd, and read through all of the listings and recipients that comes within the course catalog every year.

The Samuel Bowles Prize is my school’s only journalism award, and goes toward a student who displays proficiency in journalism. The last three winners of the award had served as Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper at one time or another. Winning the award would be a dream, but it wasn’t one I could apply for. You get chosen by a committee, and hearing the dean of faculty read out the description I was sure it would go to the current editor-in-chief, a sophomore who’d won a different English prize.

Instead she called out my name. I was shocked and my face showed it as I walked down the stairs. When the president shook my hand this time, she said with a smile, “Congrats. This is a nice one!” I was too surprised to be proper, so I smiled, “Yeah, it is.”

It’s been a rough semester (and year). Seriously, I started packing about three weeks ago, ready for the semester to be over, and desperately wanting a job for experience and money. But life has a funny way of working itself out (God has a sense of humor when it comes to these things) as not only do I have credentials in my major and chosen field, but I also have some money to ensure that I don’t need a job this summer. I can study, I can rest, I can breathe…after I finish finals week of course.

One more week and I’m outta here! Hang in there, guys.


Ash M. Monty

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