Journal of a Junior, Pt. 2: (Last Post) Let’s Review, Shall We?

Well, folks, the year is finally over. It’s been an interesting and bittersweet time, but I think I’m ready to move on.

Here’s what I’ve learned this year:

  • 8am classes Bad, once a week classes Good: I often heard the advice to never take early morning and once a week classes. I agree on the early class front since I tend to fall asleep, but once a week usually happens in the afternoon and then after that one class, you’re done for the week! To each their own
  • More money, more problems: This year, I got a taste of what it was like to kind of support myself. Don’t get me wrong–my parents still give me a bit of allowance and my tuition is covered by a scholarship, but in other respects, it’s mostly me. And I have to cover more of my expenses next year (which I have no idea how since I went way over budget on Dominoes pasta and Subway sandwiches this semester). Really starting to regret majoring in English and going to a liberal arts school.
  • Be alone: Some friendships come with an expiration date, like high school graduation, college graduation, summer camp ending, etc. You can sometimes predict which ones will end when you’re going through some bad times, so don’t feel bad, take a break, watch “Parks and Rec” and breathe. In the words of Paramore, “Fall in love with yourself/Because/Someday you’re gonna be the only one you’ve got.
  • Nothing is certain: Considering how shaky my path to college was (considering that I almost didn’t get to go to college), you think I would have realized this by now, but no. There are still surprises left to come in my life. One of the reasons I had trouble focusing (and even messed up one of my interviews) was because my mom decided she’s going to leave Georgia. I had this plan and then suddenly, I didn’t. Unfortunately, as a junior (or I guess, rising senior now?), the favorite question to be asked is, “So what are your plans after graduation?” As of right now, guys, to be completely honest, I really don’t know.
  • The best moments come in disguise: It could be as simple as a break or cancelled assignment or as complex as a job offer when you’re inexperienced or recognition from professionals. You never know. Networking, prestige, or blessing–no matter the reason, accept it gratefully, and move forward!
  • There’s almost nothing a good cry, a Netflix marathon, and deep sleep can’t fix: Also, your favorite warm cookie, too. Seriously.

It’s hard to believe this is my last official free summer, that I’m turning 22 this year and graduating next year. I’m totally not ready and I’m completely terrified…but at least junior year is over!


Ash M. Monty

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