Senior Summer: Enter to Win (in 6 Easy Steps)

So an update on my summer so far: I won two contests!

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 3.09.14 PM 20150622_151727 20150622_151549

One for personalized Harry Potter and Avengers jewelry (see here) and another for six months’ free tutoring, a study kit, and T-shirt (here!).I’m no stranger to contest entries but it has been a while since I’ve won, so I have some tips for you guys!

The key to winning is establishing a routine, which is pretty difficult during the school year, but during the summer? It may be the right time to start!

  1. Know Your Types of Sweepstakes


What It Is




Usually gives away concert

Tickets and the like

Usually broadcast to a

Limited population like

Listeners or to a specific

Metro area so less


Calling in at the right

Time and sore

Dialing thumbs!

Instant Win

A series of games that lets

You know whether you’ve

Won a prize immediately after said game is over;

Usually offered by large

Companies like Bic or Chevy

You know instantly if

You’ve won; the games

Are sometimes fun; you

Usually have another

Chance to enter the next day

It’s really hard to win;


Usually sponsored by a blogger who offers prizes after a specific event, such reaching a number of subscribers or promoting a new product or service

Fewer entrants since blogs don’t have huge followings; the prizes are usually more unique

May take long to find out if you’ve won; some blogs make you jump through hoops for additional entries


Varies but usually offers prizes like tablets, cars, trips, etc. from large companies, and there’s usually one winner chosen

You can win some awesome prizes

More competition since they’re open to a lot of people; lots of legal jargon in the terms and agreement; you usually forget about them

  1. Focus your search: A lot of entrants make the mistake of entering as many contests as they can, but focus on what you really want or need. In the end, this may be only four or five sweepstakes.
  2. Know the rules: Millions of people get disqualified from not reading the rules, such as
  • Knowing the age limit
  • What states are voided from entry
  • How many times you’re allowed to enter
  • Additional provisions (i.e. many car sweepstakes require a valid driver’s license for winners)
  1. Don’t forget about sources you use on a daily basis: There are often tons of giveaways promoted by your favorite vloggers, bloggers, tumblr bloggers, and Facebook pages.
  2. Be consistent: If you really want to win those Maroon 5 concert tickets, set aside a portion of your day to listen to the radio. Start the day by entering contests so you don’t forget. It’s a daily effort.
  3. Be patient: I’ve definitely lost more contests than I’ve won. We all go through dry spells (some that last years), but you never know when you’ll get the message that you won!

Still not sure where to find sweepstakes to enter? This is, by far, the best source I’ve ever used.

Season Caught Up/Series Complete: Marvel’s Agent Carter

(Agent Carter is my favorite character from the Marvel-verse so I love this look at her life after Captain America’s freeze and the end of WWII.)

Book ReadThe Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

(Glad I finally finished this book after seeing the movie trilogy; it was different from the movies–tons of singing–but in a good way.)


Ash M. Monty

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