Senior Summer: How to Adult Pt.1 (Taxes)

For most colleges, students are tax-exempt until they graduate. Guess who graduates next year???

Unfortunately, the secret of actually doing taxes is well-guarded. Asking my parents is only causes an abrupt change of subject. The ladies in the financial aid only laugh. And quite frankly, I’m never sure what to say in the comptroller’s office.

It reminds me of how Lane in Gilmore Girls feels cheated about the world of sex when her first time is bad. Everyone–media, music, her best friend, everyone (except for her mother)–told her awesome sex is and yet…her first time felt like a conspiracy theory.

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Now that I’m on the cusp of adulthood though, I can’t put off learning about the intrepid world of personal finance. Fortunately, there are some (free!) resources out there.

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  1. To the internet! There are actually some helpful sites out there that are willing to break down the process, like the IRS site and this very helpful Wiki article.
  2. More internet! Did you know there are finance courses? (Okay, maybe you did know that but as a liberal arts major, this blows my mind!) They teach you the basics of finance and this one happens to be online.
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3. To the library! Read a book. There are tons of books on how to do taxes and handling personal finances, like budgeting and calculating your net worth. My personal favorite is Personal Finance for Dummies because in addition to telling you how to do taxes, it also informs you how to start a retirement fund, which credit cards to apply for, etc.

(A M Montgomery 2015)

Even though I’m better prepared for the adult world of finance, it still terrifies me! Oh, well. Good luck, guys!


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