Senior Summer: Summer Break (End of Summer Blog Series)

(Photo Credit via Flickr User: Roman Pfeiffer)

(Photo Credit via Flickr User: Roman Pfeiffer)

The final weeks are upon us. A three-month vacation is about to end and in its place? A nine-month contract of endless studying, exams, and papers that we pay for. Heaven, right?

For me, it’s my last year of school (at least for a while), and I think I speak for any senior without a trust fund or early job offer when I say, I’m freaking out about the future. Those without internships or jobs this summer (don’t worry, I’m in the same boat) are freaking out even more.

That said, So You Didn’t Get that Internship, Now What? Now, you rest. Take a break. Go to theme park with your family. Catch up with friends in your hometown. Have a movie marathon. Get yourself ready for school. Sleep all day then spend the night looking up at the stars.

Take a break. We have the next nine months and the rest of our lives to panic about the future, but when are you going to get time off like this without being attached to a job?

I mean, look at all we’ve accomplished this summer:

  1. Accomplished Some Long-Awaited Goals
  2. Presented Yourself Professionally Online
  3. Enrolled in Free Online Courses
  4. Won Contests and Sweepstakes
  5. Started an Impressive, Extracurricular Project
  6. Figured Out Taxes
  7. Decided on Grad School (or not Grad School)
  8. Learned a Skill Related to Career Field
  9. Formed a Summer Checklist
  10. Contributed to Publications

So you didn’t get that internship? So what? You got so much more. See you all in the Fall.

(Photo Credit via Flickr User: micadew)

(Photo Credit via Flickr User: micadew)


Ash M. Monty

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