Signs of a Senior: New and Last

I’m officially a senior.

Officially a radio host.

Officially sick.

The past few weeks or so have been hit-and-miss. I’m taking new, exciting courses like Screenwriting, Climate Change, Acting, and Catalan, but as a senior, I also have a lot more to juggle.

There are extracurriculars like co-producing my school’s broadcast news club before I step down next semester, hosting a superhero talk show in order to complete my grand project, working at my school’s library part-time, and maybe, even–crazy idea but–sleeping from time to time? Plus, it’s my last year as a student, living with my friends…

So here’s to my last first day…Let’s not get too sappy though.

Last week was an exhaustive week. If this weren’t the first post of “Signs of a Senior,” this post would be titled “Exhaustion” as a sign of a senior. My schedule kept bombarding me: a midterm exam in Climate Change, a quiz in Catalan, an extra training session for work, and two-part Comprehensive Exam for my major.

A good student would have seen all of this coming by looking at their syllabus. They would have made a study guide for the midterm exam well in advance; quizzed themselves on Catalan vocabulary flashcards; re-read and taken notes on their Comprehensive Exam readings; planned for a tough week accordingly.

Easy enough, right?

But. I got sick…the weekend before and remained sick the week during (I’m actually still sick but getting better). Maybe it was stress or the seasons changing, but I couldn’t help being upset over my illness. The worst time to get sick! Couldn’t the germs wait? I’d rather catch a cold a week later, on my birthday.

(Photo Credit: Flickr User Ste Elmore)

(Photo Credit: Flickr User Ste Elmore)

But I digress. I made it through the week, hopped up on menthol cough drops, downing orange juice and lemon tea twice a day, oatmeal in the mornings, soup in the evenings, cold medicine before bed. I went every class, covering my mouth when I coughed and sanitizing my hands after blowing my nose. I worked on homework and essays at night; regrettably waited until the night-before to study for my Climate Change exam but I did it.

The week’s over… Now comes the penultimate hardest part: waiting to see how I did. Welcome to senior year, I guess.

(A M Montgomery 2015)

(A M Montgomery 2015)

P.S. Another duty of mine? Hosting a giveaway on tumblr. Go check it out now–it ends next week!


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