Signs of a Senior: 22

My beautiful Bucky cake made by the lovely Drastic Drea

My beautiful Bucky cake made by the lovely Drastic Drea

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-two. Literally. (I had to do it)

My birthday was last week and out of all my birthdays that I can remember, it’s probably one of my favorites. Why, you may ask? Well, even if you weren’t asking, I’m going to tell you why anyway.

  • It’s NOT a hyped-up age  Maybe this a cultural relevance thing, but there are some birthdays that are loaded with too much expectation. Oooh! You’re turning 15? 16? Are you gonna have a big blowout? Get your license? or Finally 18, huh? The big One Eight! and especially 21! (Speaks for itself in the U.S.) 22 doesn’t come with expectations so I went to class and just breathed; it wasn’t a big deal like all the other years.
  • It’s fun to say.   I don’t look twenty-two. I don’t look even close to 18 or 20, but it’s more convincing to say I’m 22 rather than 21 or 18, because those other ages are definitely the ones younger people say when they’re lying about their age. Why would I lie about being 22? What a random number to say!
  • I got some awesome gifts.   Let me just say this: birthdays and other celebrations are not about the presents…that said, I got some pretty awesome ones. Uchi got me the first Captain America movie and Ana Chipotle even sent me the two Avengers movies (thus completing my fave Marvel movie set!) and homemade cookies. Drastic Drea even made me a chocolate cake with the Winter Soldier on it. He It was delicious. Also, remember my trip to Chicago and my childhood-dream-come-true visit to the American Girl Place? Well, guess what other dream also came true…Yeah, pretty great birthday.
I finally got my own American Girl: Addy! A M Montgomery 2015

I finally got my own American Girl: Addy! A M Montgomery 2015

  • It’s the last birthday I may celebrate with my friends   Who knows where I’ll be next year? And since my birthday is smack dab in the middle of Fall, there aren’t many excuses to travel all over the world for that…That’s a melancholy thought…
  • Last, but not least: Taylor Swift   It’s a right of passage (now) to play “22” by Taylor Swift when you turn twenty-two. I had the distinct “pleasure” of being woken up at midnight as my friends blasted the song under door and then again, in the final minutes of my birthday as I danced along to it in our common room.
Yeah. Pretty good birthday. Turning 22 for some students is a sign of being a senior, so the sign for this week? 22.
22 (A M Montgomery 2015)

22 (A M Montgomery 2015)


Ash M. Monty

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