Signs Of a Senior: Compassion

(A M Montgomery 2015)

(A M Montgomery 2015)

I’m not sure if this is the roughest college semester I’ve experienced because it actually is or if, in my old age, I’ve repressed the memories of rougher semesters through an act of self-preservation…
But I digress.

I suppose I could continue to complain about my struggles thus far (a broken computer, an abundance of final projects due before Thanksgiving, a slew of anxiety-inducing one-on-one meetings, frustrations with extracurricular companions, a record-breaking sleep deprivation habit and an accidental surplus of work shifts) BUT I won’t.


This week wasn’t just rough for me.

At schools like Missouri University and Yale University, events have brought pain to people of color and their allies across the country. At my own school, it spurred action in such as ways as sit-ins in order to increase pressure on the administration to make our college a safer place for all minorities.

During Day 2 of the Sit-In, news broke of the bombing in Paris. Even more places, such as Japan, Beirut, have suffered as well recently.

The loss of life and proliferation of hatred strikes me to my core. Its heart-wrenching effects on the families of victims and the increase in xenophobia of Muslim peoples across the world upsets me, but at the same time, I’m not sure what to do.

What can I do except hope and pray and hope once more for the pain to ease, for this hatred to dissipate, for a much better tomorrow and more to follow after that?

Has anyone else felt helpless like this?

For this week, the sign of a senior human being is compassion. Let’s start practicing it. And hopefully, we don’t need a picture for that one.

Ash M. Monty

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