Signs of Senior: Long Time No See

Happy New Year! (Is the year still new enough for me to say that?)

Sorry for my absence last year. Classes and extracurriculars did indeed stay overwhelming for me… I forgot to mention that I got a paying gig as a blogger for my school. It’s not my usual humor and it’s definitely more school-related than this, but if you’re dying for a recap of my senior year, definitely check it out here.

Which brings me to more post-related news: in planning my schedule for Spring semester, I tried to take a more laid-back approach.


I’m not sure it happened but that’s how the cookie crumbles, I suppose.

Long story short, I’ll only be updating Monty’s Mayhem once a month instead of once a week, which I know isn’t a lot but it’s definitely more compared to last semester when I completely fell off the blogging wagon, that’s for sure.

That’s my schedule so far. Second semester is pretty terrifying. Starting today, I have less than one hundred days until graduation (something my school feels the need to remind me of on a weekly basis. Let me live!).

Other not-so-fun news is that my grandfather passed away this week. I was more shocked than anything else because he honestly seemed like the type to outlive us all. I mean this in best way possible in that I thought he would be the one to talk the Grim Reaper to death. I’ll miss his stories.

Of course, this means a bit of a drama in my family. I won’t go into details but grief has a way of bringing out the best or worst in people.

In honor of that pithy statement, here’s a throwback from Kanye West (and song of the week):


The Superhero Show returns next Saturday at 7pm!


Ash Monty


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