Signs of a Senior: The End?

Long time no see?

Yep, it’s been a while and although I apologize for the wait (were you actually waiting or did you forget about me until now?), I have a pretty good excuse for my month-long absence.

I graduated college.

It’s a simple sentence but the action was not. (Believe me, it wasn’t)

(#TFW When you're trying to graduate, but your parents keep calling your name...)

(#TFW When you’re trying to graduate, but your parents keep calling your name…)

In addition to making sure my college fees were paid, classes were passed, jobs were finished (an accurate log of the year is in my blogging for my school), and friends were appreciated, I worked on tons and tons of applications, hoping to land that coveted entry-level yet totally inspirational first job-out-of-college-position…

As of yet, there’s no luck on that front, but I’m still applying so fingers crossed.

You Speak the Truth, Dean (Photo Source)

You Speak the Truth, Dean (Photo Source)


Now for bigger news:

For those of you who’ve been with blog since its most humble originsremember when I was a pimply, plucky high school junior, trying to figure out the ways of AP classes and chores and all that “new media” of blogs, apps on phones and fanfiction?–you’ll remember that this blog started off an anecdotal, humor study blog.

(Ode to Periwinkle AM Montgomery 2012)

(Ode to Periwinkle AM Montgomery 2012)

It started off as a way to guide readers through all the stressful messes of studying and weekly school assignments while still making you laugh with my many failures, a definite success/error-through-trial of life. Whether it meant finding a way around AP English prompts, applying for college, or even changing my major, this blog and you all have been through it all.

But now that I’m done with college, there are two questions remaining:

  1. Am I the same?
  2.  Is this the end of “Monty’s Mayhem”?

So first things first, am I the same?

A part of me wants to say yes.  I’m still a bit pimply (too much dairy) and a tiny bit plucky. I love learning and studying, and helping people understand things especially if it means I’m learning how to understand it too (does that make sense?). So I hope, with all hopes, that I am the same in that way.

Another part of me wants to say no. To say that high school and college were easy would be an outrageous lie. Growing up, while it has some perks, it also has some downfalls, and some experiences–academic struggles, socioeconomic realizations, indirect institutional and symbolic forms of violence/trauma, etc.–have made me jaded enough that an old-fashioned Disney film isn’t always my first pick on movie night anymore. The world is big and threatening to naive kids, and even with all the education in all world, I can never be prepared enough for all of it.

So my answer is it’s a mixed bagI’ve changed in some ways but overall, I’m still a fun-loving, literary nerd who’s continually learning more and more about my favorite character in this book of my life: me.

Next up: Is this the end of Monty’s Mayhem?

Short answer: Yes, maybe.

Longer answer: Since I’m not in school anymore, it’s a bit tricky for me to maintain a study blog. However, I do hope to go back for grad school, so maybe I’ll start it up again for that. While you’re definitely free to email me with questions or for advice and I’m keeping my other blog up (so you can stay updated on your favorite neighborhood nerd), “Monty’s Mayhem” is definitely finito. At least for now.



This is the last post of Monty’s Mayhem, for now. Thanks for reading and interacting with me while I’ve been in school. Starting this blog has given me more confidence with my writing and online platforms, and for that, I am immensely thankful. (You can follow my other blog here) Good luck with studying and with life!


Ash M. Monty


P.S. Song of Me (i.e. Favorite Song Ever)Rather Be (Ft. Jess Glynne) by Clean Bandit




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