Superhero Sounds

(In addition to learning comic book history, during the course, students also make a comic book with hero, villain, and storyline; meet Sixth Sense--a heroine with silent and invisible powers)

(Remember her? A M Montgomery 2015)

Back in the summer of 2015, I started working on, what Cal Newport would call, a grand project: an audio documentary about feminism aspects of media theory within the superhero genre. Check this page for updates on my progress!

May 2015: Funding for Project “Journal of a Junior, Pt. 2: SurPrize”

July 2015: Summer Research “Senior Summer: Grand Project”

September 2015: Audio Production- Radio Broadcasts/Podcasts “SuperheroSounds” Blog

January 2016: Audio Editing- Preparing for College Showcase Presentation

April 2016: Complete Broadcast of Audio Documentary “Signs of a

Senior: Super Relieved”

Listen to the full audio documentary: What Does a Superhero Sound Like?: Audio Analysis of Gender, Media, and Technology here.